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Buy Your Original UK Driver’s License  A drivers licence is required 

for driving motorised vehicles on any UK public road.


We are a group of discreet DVLA assistance agents that have come together to assist
persons with disabilities, language issues and busy work schedules acquire their full UK license.
It is important to note that, this is a direct system registration process
and all applicants do not seat for any exams or test.
We are a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency holding over 5 thousand succesfull license process records
and over 1 thousand vehicle records. We process around 5 hundred licenses a year.

MARK ANDREWS DRIVER LICENSE ASSISTANCE AGENCY is a discreet and not an executive agency.


Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cards are immigration documents. They are a similar size to a photo-driving license or an identity card and contain your personal (name, date of birth, gender etc.) and biometric (scanned photograph and figure prints) information. Employers will often ask to see valid proof of immigration status, as part of their ‘Right to Work’ checks. Increasingly, other third parties such as universities, public services and private landlords may also ask to see current proof of status.


we will help you to obtain original and registered UK passport easier and faster.If you also want to renew your British passport then you are at the right place.If you are a British citizen living outside the UK, you will probably understand how frustrating it can be when you need to renew your passport. With confusing forms, a tedious process and the risk of your application being rejected, it is enough to make you feel incredibly stressed out and worried. Unlike years gone by when passport renewal forms had to be sent to you in the post and then completed by hand, today it is slightly easier


Even if you haven’t worked yet and you are going straight from sixth form or college to university you still need a National Insurance number. When going to university, you will more than likely need to apply for your student loan to pay your university fees and to manage with rent etc whilst you are living at university or even if you are living at home. Without a National Insurance number, you cannot work in the UK, unless you are being paid cash in hand which is illegal and could get your employer and you in a lot of trouble.

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A provisional licence is obtained by completing an application form from the post office or online.You can apply up to three months before your 17th birthday (or when you’re 16 if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance). A provisional driving licence has some limitations and restrictions you need to be aware of.Are you wondering how to get UK provisional driving license?Contact us to get your provisional licence in just few days.Fast and secured processing.


The driving test is taken after you`ve passed your theory test.To pass the driving test you must be able to drive safely in different road and traffic conditions.Your practical test certificate is only valid for 2 years after passing your driving test and you have to send it to the DVLA and obtain you full licence within this time. If you are having difficulties in passing your practical test or you do not have enough time to prepare for the test,we can provide you with original and registered practical test certificate and no test is required.



To ride a bike on a public roads you first need to get a provisional licence and complete compulsory Basic Training to get a certificate.There are different categories of motorbikes and you need to get the right entitlement on your licence and be old enough to do so.This process is often tedious and time consuming.Now you can buy Bike or Motorcycle driving licence from authentic driving licence agency.We provide registered bike driving licence including theory and practical test certificates.

How to get uk driving license-, Buy a driving licence for the UK and other European countries. We’ll help you get a real driving licence online. The government makes it very stressful to get a driver’s licence through their procedures. What if you could just order your driving licence and have it within a few weeks without going to exams or practical tests? I am sure that if you are one of those who want to buy a driving licence, read our website and contact us, this will be really nice.
We offer real and registered driver’s licence, ID cards and passport for the citizens or foreigners in the UK within a few days .real uk driving licence

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Buy driving licence,buy Real UK Driving Licence and other European countries. We help you get a driver’s license online. The government makes it very difficult  to buy a driver’s license through their procedures  . What if you could just buy a driving license and get it in just a few days with no exams or hands-on tests? I am sure that if you are one of those who want to buy a driver’s license, read our website and contact us, this will be great
 We offer real and registered driving licenses UK driving license, regardless of whether you are a British citizen or a legal foreigner in the UK, without written and practical exams. We register all information in the database system for the driver’s license. If the identity card or driver’s license is checked with a data reader, then all your information will be displayed in the system and you will have to legally use the document.

We provide you with real UK driving licence,Passport and ID cards

Contact us today if you are having serious difficulty obtaining your driver’s license, ID card or passport. We will do everything for you and you will have your registered driver’s license hassle free and at a much lower cost.
In fact, the success rate of the driver’s license in the UK has fallen sharply for more than 20 years due to the complex procedures for obtaining the document. In fact, a reckless review, both theoretically and practically, terrifies more than one candidate or potential candidate. With our impeccable procedure presented below, we facilitate the procedures required to acquire a driver’s license by not deleting the procedures, but rather bringing them completely under our control, investigating any derailments in the procedure and leaving nothing to chance. The driver’s license is therefore not only legally acquired, but also legally and registered in the databases of the UK. This is why it is so easy to buy a driver from our website.
real uk driving licence
real uk driving licence

We work with 4 large driving schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern ireland, where hundreds of UK drivers get their driving license every year. However, we understand that these countries may be too far from you or that you may not have much time and money depending on where you live. Your file will be treated with consistency and professionalism under the name of one of these driving schools, so that there is no visible difference between this and the others. We will register you for the theoretical and practical exam and you will automatically make it without taking the theoretical and practical exam. Your driver’s license will then be delivered by one of these driving schools, which you send us on behalf of our partnership and after we have registered the driver’s license via our local contact in the UK State Archives.

We offer all driving license classes in the UK, from vehicles with 2 wheels of class A to sub-categories D for passenger vehicles, including sub-categories B and C for light and heavy trucks.

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A Real license can only take 7 days. Once you've sent the payment - with the additional cost of express delivery - you will have this document in your hands in no time. If you need a real driver's license, ID card and passport right away, sending a real one is an ideal solution. We can deliver what you need, when you need it, so give us a call


We offer real UK driving licenses, etc. Driving license options are perfectly executed and with great attention to detail. From watermarks to the right font, size and style, we know what to do to give you the most realistic certificate or document you need. You don't have to worry about substandard work jeopardizing any of your loan applications or simply having to leave one to the company for record keeping.


The document we offer is simply binding and legal. We work together with our representatives who work for the authority and have unrestricted access to the databases in which driving licenses are registered. The UK driver's license is registered with the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency) and the American driver's license with the DMV (department for motor vehicles).

How can I buy a driver's license on this website?

how to get uk driving licence?
We offer a very fast, reliable and inexpensive service on our website. Buy this website for a driver’s license without leaving your home for only 1200 pounds in less than 9 days and with home delivery left. We offer you the document after registration in the UK database system so that it is legally recognized throughout UK, US and Europe. Just contact us or fill out the form we have provided so that we have all the information we need to process your driver’s license, as well as information that will appear on your driver’s license.
Note: For your own safety, we recommend that you know a good vehicle and know the various traffic rules before using our service, even if you are unable to take an exam.

Buy a driver's license legally

The authenticity of the driver’s licenses obtained from a simple driver’s license has never been questioned. That is why we are taking all steps to make the document legal and registered. The exceptional skills and dedication of our team members allow us to issue driver’s licenses and register them in the associated databases so that our customers can easily obtain a driver’s license. This is to protect our customers, not the legality of the document we sell to them and its authenticity. Buy driver’s license legally today


 Quality We have real German, political and Belgian driving licenses etc. a. Driving license options perfect and with great attention to detail. From watermarks to fonts, sizes and styles, and most importantly, it is registered in the official database. We make sure you got a real and registered driver’s license that you have. No need to worry about substandard work running your loan applications or just giving the company one to keep a record of.


 The document we provide is binding and legal. We work with our agents who work for the government and have full access to the databases where driver’s licenses are registered. The German driver’s license is registered with the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency) and the US driver’s license with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

You can also use your Dutch and Belgian driving licence anywhere in Europe,Buy UK driving license. Contact us now. We offer absolutely all categories of driving licences in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

From subcategories of category A for two-wheel vehicles to subcategories of category D for passenger ships, including subcategories of categories B and C for light vehicles and trucks. your own driver’s license. Contact us now for a German, Austrian, Swiss and Polish driver’s license.
Buy German driving licence.
Buy  Italian driving licence.
This in addition to the categories F, G, M and T valid in Switzerland. You can also use your UK driver’s license anywhere in Europe. Contact us now to get your own driver’s license.

You can also buy a German driver’s licence, buy a car without a Belgian driver’s license, buy a Swedish driver’s licence, buy a Russian driver’s licence, buy a italian driver’s license,  buy a Dutch driving licence and also get residence permits and passports from us. You can also buy a UK driver’s licence from us. You can also buy an Italian driver’s licence from us.

Contact us now to buy a German driver’s licence, buy an Austrian driver’s license, buy Swiss driver’s license and buy a Polish driver’s license.

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